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The paper industry specialized defoamer is made by modifying polysiloxane (silicone, silicone grease, etc.) to form long-chain alkyl-modified silicone, and then recombine with special oils and higher alcohols for molecular polymerization and emulsification to form a high grade anti foaming agent which can effectively defoam and suppress foaming. According to the foam formation mechanism of the paper industry, It can be used in the three main production processes of pulping, paper making and environmental protection waste water treatment to defoam and suppress the foaming.

Product Features

The product has the features of fast speed of defoaming, long time in restrain of foaming, good dispersibility, high dissolution rate, high temperature resistance, wide working range PH value (1-14), low dosage, low cost, no toxicity and residue, no secondary pollution to paper quality, working fluid and environment.

Main Applications

1. KJ814 defoamer for sewage treatment process

This defoaming agent is produced by emulsifying different kind of non-toxic, harmless and physiologically inert silicone oils. It has the characters of stable property, fast speed of defoaming, long foam suppression time, non toxic to sewage microorganisms, and it does not change the performance of COD and BOD in sewage.

2. KJ827 defoamer for pulp making process

It is widely used in the pulping process to eliminate and restrain the large amount of foam caused by chemical and mechanical action such as lignin, acid organic matter, inorganic component, sodium combination, and extract of wood resin (suppressing time > pulping process period). The paper making defoamer has extremely high temperature resistance which can endure the temperature up to 120 ° C and it is also suitable for the process of extracting lignin by using black liquor or red liquor.
For those paper making enterprises that use waste paper or recycled paper, our defoaming agent can also eliminate various types of foam generated in processes such as deinking, bleaching, and sterilization.

3. KJ835 defoamer for paper making process

The main chemical function of this defoamer is to eliminate the foam within the white water. Because circulation of the white water, after the defoamer is added in the first phase, the dosage of the anti-foaming agent is gradually reduced due to the strong anti-foaming performance of the product.
At the same time, it has excellent anti-foaming properties to restrain the foams which is caused by all kinds of artificially added surfactants, lignin, synthetic polymer, starch, fatty acid, resin acid soap and deinking agent during the pulping process. As a result, the proper use of the defoamer can easily control the physical indexes of paper such as paper strength, quantification and tightness.

Usage Instructions

1.  Directly and slowly add the defoamer to each process during paper making to eliminate and restrain the foam;
2.  Diluted the defoamer to 5-20 times with clean water, then stir well and evenly added into each process; or
3.  If there is automatic sprinkler, the defoamer must be diluted to 20-100 times for easy and good performance of defoaming.
4.  Must be noted is that: When making the diluent, a certain volume of the defoamer must be put in the container in advance, then pour the water into the container according to the dilution ratio and mix well. The diluent is not recommended to store for long time and if the stratification occurs, stir it before using and the effect will not be affected.

Packaging, Storage & Transportation

1.  Packed in 25kg, 50kg and 200kg plastic drums (or plastic lining) and iron drum;
2.  This product is non-toxic, non-inflammable, so it can be stored and transported according to general chemicals;
3.  Storage period is one year(12 months) without any stratification and precipitation;
4.  Product should be stored indoors, to avoid sun exposure and heat source; if there is slight stratification, the effect will not be affected after mixing.

The company had built the most advanced 7000 tons/year silicone defoamer production line in China which makes the company to provide the products timely to the customers in low cost. All of our silicone defoamers are fast defoaming speed, long antifoaming time, eco-friendly and nontoxic which is widely in paper mills, textile mills, oilfield, paint and coatings production, sewage water treatment, metal treatment industry petrochemical, electronic cleaning, precision casting and many other industries with the demand of antifoaming agent.

Paper Making Industry Defoamer Technical Data Sheet (TDS)






KJ814 Defoamer for sewage water treatment

KJ827 Defoamer for pulping

KJ835 Defoamer for paper making



Milky white emulsion



Non-ionic type


Effective active content

≥ 14%

≥ 27%

≥ 35%



6.0 - 8.0


Brookfield viscosity

100 - 2000 cps



Slightly alcoholic and light ester flavor, no other unpleasant odor


Heat resistance

≤ 100℃



Arsenic and heavy metals

≤ 0.0005%


Dissolution rate

≥ 98%


Static defoaming time

≤ 10s


Dynamic defoaming time

≥ 60min

≥ 120min

≥ 150min

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