Silicone Defoamer for Oilfield Regarding to Drilling, Cementing and Production

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Oilfield defoamer is a kindy of anit-foaming agent specially made for oil filed development, based on the research of foaming mechanism of a large amount of foam due to many factors like mechanical action, surfactant factor, organic matter biochemical reaction etc., in the petroleum industry from drilling and crude oil transportation to refining and processing. The company develops the special defoaming agent for the petroleum industry, which is made through modification of polysiloxanes (silicone, silicone emulsions, etc.) and extension grafting of the branched chains, then mixed with special oils and higher alcohols for molecular recombination polymerization and emulsification.

Surface active additives in the cement slurry can cause foaming, which may result in pump cavitation and loss of suction head during cementing. Additionally, slurry densities can be changed by air entrainment which makes accurate slurry volume calculations impossible. 

Ours silicone defoamer KJ507 and Kj517 provide outstanding foam control. These products are well proven foam suppressants for a variety of oilfield applications such as drilling, cementing, and production operations.

The company’s production volume of silicone sealant or silicone rubber is 13,000 tons/year, currently ranking the top 10 plant in China and with customers worldwide. The silicone sealant are born with the feature of high strength, high flame retardant, high and low temperature resistance, high transparency, green environmental protection, non-toxic, weather resistance, corrosion resistance and so on. It greatly improves the sealing effect of weapons, transportation equipment and ships, and prolongs the service life of equipment. As a result, they are widely use in new energy solar photovoltaic modules, vehicle and ship seals, electric and electrical encapsulations, now they are widely use in windows and doors, stones and marbles, curtain walls, structural sectors, insulating glass sealing and bonding, etc.

1. KJ507 Defoamer for Oilfield

The oilfield-specific defoamer is a type of silicone composite defoamer. 

1.  It can eliminate the foam formed in the mud due to the overflow of natural gas during the oilfield drilling process.
2.  It can also eliminate foams which is formed due to the excessive use of surfactant as well as the foam produced by various gases generated by pyrolysis or fermentation of the treatment agent;
3.  During oil extraction, especially in the case of marine oil recovery, if there is pressure drop of the oil layer, the seawater water will be injected, and then the foam will be generated by the degassing and vacuuming process. All these foams can be timely defoamed by our KJ 507 defoamer.

2. KJ517 Oilfield Defoamer for General Purpose

This product is not only suitable for the defoaming of oilfield drilling mud, but it can also eliminate and restrain of foam in the process of oil and gas separation, demulsification and dehydration of the crude oil, crude oil transportation etc., to improve the equipment operation rate and output.

Usage Restrictions

1.  This oilfield defoamer can be directly added to various water-based drilling systems to eliminate various foams.
2.  If the defoamer is used to prepare mud, it should be added simultaneously with the addition of soil particles and stone powder, and then add lignosulfonate to suspend the slurry. If the foam is still more, the appropriate dilution of the product can be supplemented, recommend solubility is 5-10 %.
3.  The dosage of defoaming agent to be used can be adjusted in the ratio of two or five in one hundred thousand (2-5: 100,000) with the base mud, it can be calculated either by volume ratio or by weight ratio.
4.  If the defoamer is used in the offshore oil production of seawater degassing process, it must be added before the water come into the vacuum tower or added with the seawater simultaneously.
5.  If the defoamer is used in the oil and gas separation process during the watery oil transportation especially those crude oil with water content is 30-40%. The defoamer should be uniformly and continuously added according to the volume to be treated or oil to be transported. In this way, the effect is the best with least dosage.

Packaging, Storage & Transportation

1.  Packaged in 50kg and 200kg plastic drums or iron drum, or 1000Kg barrel;
2.  Product should be stored indoors, to avoid sun exposure and heat source; if there is slight stratification, the effect will not be affected after mixing.
3.  Storage period is 6 months, without any stratification and precipitation;
4.  This product is non-toxic, non-inflammable, so it can be stored and transported according to general chemicals.

Oilfield Defoamer Technical Data Sheet (TDS)






KJ507 special

oilfield defoamer

KJ517 general

oilfield defoamer



Milky white emulsion



Slightly alcoholic flavor, no other unpleasant odor



Non-ionic type


Solid content

≥ 20%

≥ 35%



6.0 - 8.0


Brookfield viscosity

100 - 2000 cps



Double solubility to water or other solvent like kerosene or Xylene


Heat resistance

≤ 120℃


Arsenic and heavy metals

≤ 0.0005%


Instant defoaming time

( 0.1ml/500ml base mud)

≥ 80s

≥ 70s


Foam suppression rate
(2ml/500ml continuous stirring base mud)

≥ 90min

≥ 100min

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