KLX-928 Neutral Weatherproof Silicone Structural Sealant

Short Description:

  • Model: KLX928-I-300
  • Volume: 600ml/pc
  • Packing : 20 pcs/carton
  • Color : Black, white, grey, customised
  • Type: Structural used silicone sealant
  • Warranty : 25 years
  • Certificate: ISO9001
  • Shelf life : 12 months
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    KLX-928 Neutral Weatherproof Silicone Structural Sealant adhesive is a kind of one-component, neutral curing sealant, specially designed for structural bonding assembly in building of curtain wall. It can be easily extruded at high temperature and solidified into excellent, durable, high modulus and high elasticity silicone rubber after curing with moisture in the air.

    Product Features

    1.  Easy to use,it can keep good consistency and easy to extrude at - 25 - 50 ℃.
    2.  Neutral curing: suitable for most building materials without adverse reactions or corrosion.
    3.  Excellent cohesiveness: No base primer required, and can form a strong cohesive force with most building materials.
    4.  Excellent aging stability.
    5.  After curing, it has high modulus performance and can bear the expansion displacement capacity of the interface ±25%.
    6.  It has good compatibility with other neutral silicone adhesives and it is suitable for most building materials and it can produce superior bonding without any base primer.

    Noted: Structural assemblies shall be submitted to the company for testing and auditing in advance along with material samples and assembly drawings.

    KLX-928 Neutral Weatherproof Silicone Structural Sealant



    Net weight

    Optional Color


    Carton size

    Cartridge type



    Black, white  gray or customized

    24 cartridges/carton


    Aluminium Foil sausage type




    20 sausages/carton


    Main Applications

    KLX-928 Neutral Weatherproof Silicone Structural Sealant adhesive for building is specially designed for structural bonding and assembly of building curtain wall. The possible structural applications are assembly between metallic materials and glasses which are assembled in advance. After fully cured, a durable, resilient waterproof interface will be formed to support the structural strength of the building.

    1.  Structural bonding and sealing of glass, stone, aluminum curtain wall and metal structure engineering;
    2.  Structural adhesive sealing of insulating glass;
    3.  Many other constructions or assembly with high requirements of bonding and safety;
    4.  Any type of expansions and joints with sealing and bonding demand.


    Construstion Guide

    1.  Clean the interface before using, if necessary, use special solvents to clean and keep dry. If primer is used to enhance the adhesion, it must be constructed after the primer is dried.
    2.  Completely filling to the joint to ensure bonding on both sides during construction.
    3.  Adhesive tapes should be affixed to the place where protection is needed, but the tape should not touch the surface to be constructed.
    4.  Trim immediately before curing to achieve a beautiful appearance.


    Usage Restrictions

    KLX-928 Neutral Weatherproof Silicone Structural Sealant adhesive is not suitable the following conditions:

    1.  All materials that ooze grease, plasticizer or solvent, some unvulcanized or partially vulcanized rubber and adhesive tapes;
    2.  The construction part that is not ventilated since silicone sealant needs moisture in the air to solidify;
    3.  Long-term immersed and year-round underground damp environment;
    4.  Paint surface, because the cracking or peeling of the paint film may cause the failure of sealing;
    5.  Frosted or damp surface;
    6.  Surfaces with direct contact with food;
    7.  Areas susceptible to mechanical wear;
    8.  Areas with fireproof sealing demand;
    9.  Not advisable to construct when the surface temperature of the material is lower than 4℃ or exceeds 40℃.

    Safety Attentions

    1.  Maintain a good ventilation environment at sealant construction site; and
    2.  keep out of reach of children to avoid eating by mistake;
    3.  If the eyes are inadvertently exposed to the uncured adhesive, promptly wash with plenty of clean water and ask help from a doctor.

    Storage & Transportation

    1.  KLX-928 Silicone structural Sealant belongs to non dangerous goods, it should be stored in the original packaging under dry and ventilated conditions with temperature at 27 ° C or lower.
    2.  The product shelf life is 12 months from the date of production.

    Technical Data(TDS)

    KLX-928 Neutral Weatherproof Silicone Structural Sealant adhesive



    Index demand

    Test Value



    Fine, smooth paste, No agglomeration

    Fine, smooth paste, No agglomeration








    Non deforming

    Non deforming



    ≤10 ml/min

    2.5 ml/min


    Surface drying time

    ≤3 h

    0.5 h


    Shore hardness

    20 - 60



    Tensile adhesive property

    Tensile adhesive strength



    0.85 MPa


    ≥0.45 MPa

    0.75 MPa



    0.7 MPa

    After water soaking


    0.6 MPa

    After water-UV radiation


    0.6 MPa

    Bond failure area




    Thermal aging

    Thermal weight loss




    No damage

    No damage


    No damage

    No damage

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