KLX-333 Acetic Transparent Silicone Sealant

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Product Features

1. It is one component, acidic, room temperature curing transparent silicone glass sealant;
2. It has excellent weathering resistance, UV resistance, ozone resistance, water resistance and temperature resistance (-50°C - 90°C)
3. High strength, good elasticity, fast curing, good adhesion to glass and stone

Main Application

1. Joint sealing and installation between glass and stones;
2. Waterproofing, sealing and installation of all kinds of kitchen utensils and sanitary wares;
3. Joint sealing of many other building decoration industries
4. It is not applicable to metal components.

Usage Restriction

1. It can not be used as structural sealant for application;
2. Not suitable for materials that seep out grease, plasticizer or solvent;
3. It should not be applied to the unventilated places;
4. Not suitable for frosted or damp surfaces;
5. Not suitable for continuous flooding or wet places;
6. The recommend applying temperature of the material surface is 4-40 ℃

Construction Instruction

Clean the interface before using, if necessary, use special solvents to clean and keep dry. If primer is used to enhance the adhesion, it must be constructed after the primer is dried. Completely filling to the joint to ensure bonding on both sides during construction. Adhesive tapes should be affixed to the place where protection is needed, but the tape should not touch the surface to be constructed. Trim immediately before curing to achieve a beautiful appearance.


Maintain a good ventilation environment at sealant construction site, and
keep out of reach of children to avoid eating by mistake
If the eyes are inadvertently exposed to the uncured adhesive, promptly wash with plenty of clean water and ask help from a doctor


Stored in original packaging under dry and ventilated conditions with temperature at 4-27℃
The product shelf life is 12 months from the date of production

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