KLX-110 Neutral Transparent Weatherproof Silicone Sealant

Short Description:

  • Model: KLX110-I-300
  • Color : Transparent
  • Appreance: Liquid clear paste
  • Volume: 300ml/plastic catridge
  • Packing: 24pcs/carton with 24pcs of nozzle
  • Feature: Neutral cuing clear silicone sealant
  • Certificate : ISO9001
  • Shelf life: 12 months
  • Product Detail

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    KLX-110 Neutral Transparent Weatherproof Silicone Sealant is a kind of transparent silicone sealant which is one-component, medium modulus, neutral room temperature curing adhesive. When using, just squeeze into the joint sealing with a glue gun. The sealing adhesive absorbs moisture in the air at room temperature and solidifies into an elastic body to form an effective seal. The shelf life of this product is more than 10-25years.

    Product Features

    1. One-component, easy to use with good extrudability and thixotropy in the temperature of 4℃ ~ 40℃, can be directly applied by extrusion with a glue gun;
    2. Neutral curing, will not cause corrosion to most building materials;
    3. Excellent weathering resistance, UV resistance, ozone resistance and water resistance;
    4. Good adhesion to most building substrates without base primer。

    Main Applications

    1. Installation of various of doors, windows and glasses;
    2. Sealing of marble (granite), glass and aluminum panels;
    3. Installation and waterproof sealing of various kitchen utensils and sanitary wares;
    4. Other architectural decoration and industrial joint sealing.

    Usage Restrictions

    1. Cannot be used as a structural sealant.
    2. Do not apply on wet surfaces or immerse in water for a long time.
    3. Not suitable for all surfaces containing oil or exudates.
    4. Not suitable for construction sites that are not ventilated.
    5. It is not suitable for the surface temperature of the substrate to be lower than 4 °C or more than 60 °C.

    Technical Data(TDS)

    KLX-110 Neutral Transparent Weatherproof Silicone Sealant


    Test item

    Standard demand

    Test result



    Fine, smooth paste, No agglomeration

    Fine, smooth paste, No agglomeration




    ≤ 3mm



    Non deforming

    Non deforming



    ≥80 ml/min

    ≥85 ml/min


    Surface drying time

    ≤3 h

    0.3 h


    Tensile modulus  


    ≥0.4 MPa

    0.6 MPa


    ≥0.6 MPa

    0.71 MPa


    Tensile adhesive strength

     No damage

     No damage


    Tensile adhesive strength after water-UV radiation

     No damage

     No damage


    Tensile adhesive strength cold drawing/hot pressing   

     No damage

     No damage


    Tensile adhesive strength after water soaking

     No damage

     No damage

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