KLX-106 General Purpose Silicone Weatherproof Sealant

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KLX-106  General Purpose Silicone Weatherproof Sealant is a single-component, medium modulus, neutral curing adhesive sealant; it can produce superior adhesion to most building materials without the need of base primer.

Product features

  • Easy to use: It maintains good consistency under ambient conditions of -25℃ - 50℃ and is easy to extrude for use.
  • Excellent thixotropy and extrudability, it is extrudable at any normal temperature (-40℃ to 100℃).
  • Neutral curing and will not cause corrosion to metal (except copper), coated glass, concrete, marble, granite and other building materials, so it is widely used.
  • With strong anti-displacement ability, it can maintain the same performance of normal expansion and shear deformation of curtain wall.
  • Good resistance to ultraviolet radiation, ozone and climate aging.
  • Excellent resistance to high and low temperature; after curing it will be not cracked and hardened at -50℃, and it will not be deteriorated or become soft at +150℃and always maintain good elasticity.
  • It can form a strong bond with most building materials after curing even without any base primer.
  • Good compatibility with other neutral silicone adhesives.

KLX-106  General Purpose Silicone Weatherproof Sealant



Net weight


Carton size

Cartridge type



24 cartridges/carton


Aluminium Foil sausage type



20 sausages/carton

Main Applications

KLX-106 General Purpose Silicone Weatherproof Sealant is suitable for the installation and sealing of all kinds of building doors & windows and glass, including:

  • Weatherproof sealing and insulating of high-rise buildings’ curtain wall;
  • Large size metal especially aluminum plate, glass curtain wall weatherproof sealing use;
  • All kinds of door and window glass installation;
  • Joint filling and sealing of marble (granite), glass and aluminum;
  • waterproof sealing and installation of various kitchen utensils, sanitary wares;
  • Many other architectural decoration and industrial joint sealing construction.

Usage Restrictions

1. It can not be used as silicone structural sealant;
2. Not suitable for wet or frosted surface construction. It is not recommended for the construction and sealing of aquariums;
3. Not suitable for the newly coated surface including enamel or solvent type;
4. Not suitable for all materials that will seep out grease, plasticizers or solvents, such as the surface of oil-impregnated wood.
5. Not suitable for construction sites that are not ventilated because the sealant needs to absorb moisture from the air for curing.
6. If the surface temperature of the substrate to be lower than 4 °C or more than 60 °C is not recommend to use.
7. When cleaning and handling the sealant, do not use materials that will affect or change the color the sealant.

Construstion Guide

1. Clean the interface before using, if necessary, use special solvents to clean and keep dry. If primer is used to enhance the adhesion, it must be constructed after the primer is dried.
2. Completely filling to the joint to ensure bonding on both sides during construction.
3. Adhesive tapes should be affixed to the place where protection is needed, but the tape should not touch the surface to be constructed.
4. Trim immediately before curing to achieve a beautiful appearance.


Safety Attentions

1. Maintain a good ventilation environment at sealant construction site;
2. Keep out of reach of children to avoid eating by mistake;
3. If the eyes are inadvertently exposed to the uncured adhesive, promptly wash with plenty of clean water and ask help from a doctor.

Storage & Transportation

KLX-106 General Purpose Silicone Weatherproof Sealant should be stored in the original packaging under dry and ventilated conditions with temperature at 27 ° C or lower.

The product shelf life is 9 months from the date of production.   

Technical Data(TDS)

KLX-106 General Purpose Silicone Weatherproof Sealant







Fine, smooth paste, No agglomeration

Fine, smooth paste, No agglomeration







Non deforming

Non deforming



≥80 ml/min

≥150 ml/min


Surface drying time

≤3 h

1 h


Tensile modulus


≥0.4 MPa

0.80 MPa


≥0.6 MPa

0.95 MPa


Adhesive property

Under UV irradiation

No damage

No damage


After Cold drawing/hot pressing

No damage

No damage


Definite elongation

No damage

No damage


Definite elongation with soaking

No damage

No damage

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