Emulsified Silicone Oil Defoamer for Pharmacy & Fermentation

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Pharmacy & Fermentation specified defoamer is made of polyether silicone oil as the main component, and is refined by a high-temperature production process using the latest compounding technology with ingredients are all food grade materials and it does not contain any anti-corrosion additives. So it is the most ideal non-toxic additives for antibiotics and food fermentation production process.

This defoamer can eliminate the foam produced by various proteins under acid and alkali conditions in the food industry or food additive industry, and is also the latest generation of defoaming agent in the fermentation industry. 

Its performance to restrain foam under feeding method completely exceeds polyether (PPE, GPE) and can be widely used in fermentation tank or seeding tanks to replace vegetable oils.

Product Features

The product has the features of fast speed of defoaming and long time in restrain of foaming with low dosage to save cost, what’s more, it is no toxic side effect on fermented products or extracted products.

Main Applications

1. Food biological fermentation type

This type of defoamer is developed to eliminate the foams generated during fermentation process of the food industry which is a kind of high and pure silicone oil defoamer using the latest compounding technology and production process. All auxiliary used are food grade materials and do not contain any antiseptic additives, so it can be used in the food industry and food additive industry to eliminate various types of foams generated by  protein, starch and other materials under the acid and alkali conditions. (Note: This product cannot be directly added to food)

2. Antibiotic fermentation

This series of defoamers are widely used in the fermentation process of various antibiotics, amino acids and so on.
The main ingredient of this defoamer is modified organic silicone oil and special oil which has the functions of non-toxic, physiologically inert, low residue, high temperature resistance, fast speed defoaming and completely defoaming, and good foam suppression.

Usage Instructions

1.  This defoamer is non-toxic and food grade and can eliminate the foam produced by different factors in the food industry, sugar industry and amino acid industry with acid and alkali conditions.
2.  It is used to eliminated the foams generated during fermentation process of various microorganisms (such as antibiotics, glutamic acid, citric acid, yeast, etc.); it can be used in seed tanks to replace vegetable oils and can also be added in large tanks instead of polyethers.
3.  This product can be used in various biochemical engineering and biochemical waste water treatment for defoaming.
Note: This product can be added in the fermentation process of various microbial (erythromycin, neomycin, etc.) and food (glutamic acid, citric acid, etc.) for feeding or fed-batch cultivation; or it can be mixed with polyether in the ratio of 7:3 and then added together with the base material to achieve higher performance.
4.  If the defoamer is used in food industry, the defoamer is recommend to be diluted in 5-30 times with clean water or operating fluid , then add the dilution to the operating fluid, the dosage be used is determined by the amount of foam, generally the dosage is 5:100,000 or 1:10,000. The defoamer can also be added to in advance to the working fluid to restrain or inhibit the foam. This product has better anti-foaming performance than any similar product.
5.  To be noted is that: When making the diluent, a certain volume of the defoamer must be put in the container in advance, then pour the water into the container according to the dilution ratio and mix well. The diluent is not recommended to store for long time and if the stratification occurs, stir it before using and the effect will not be affected.

Packaging, Storage & Transportation

1.  Packed in 25kg, 50kg and 200kg plastic drums (food grade) and iron drum;
2.  This product is non-toxic, non-inflammable, so it can be stored and transported according to general chemicals;
3.  Storage period is one year(12 months) without any stratification and precipitation;
4.  Product should be stored indoors, to avoid sun exposure and heat source; if there is slight stratification, the effect will not be affected after mixing.

Paper Making Industry Defoamer Technical Data Sheet (TDS)






Biological fermentation

Antibiotic fermentation








Milky white emulsion



Non-ionic type



 No unpleasant odor


Effective active content

≥ 25-35%

≥ 25-45%

≥ 25-45%



6.0 - 8.0


Brookfield viscosity

100 - 2000 cps


Dissolution rate

≥ 98%


Heat resistance

≤ 120℃



Arsenic and heavy metals

≤ 0.0005%


Static defoaming time

≤ 40s


Dynamic defoaming time

≥ 60min

≥ 120min

≥ 150min

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